A Centered House Becomes a Home

A Centered House Becomes a Home


BG-EHS Services

BG-EHS Service Description

BioGeometry Environmental Home Solutions (BG-EHS) are a core application of BioGeometry. The “home-centric” BG-EHS approach recognizes that our energetic interconnectivity with our home environments is an integral part of our quality-of-life and wellbeing. BioGeometry environmental home solutions geometrically enhance home environments with energy-quality balancing solutions to harmonize environmental stress caused by electromagnetic, geopathic, materials, and shape-caused disturbances from design and structure.

The BG-EHS service is based on the specific calibration and placement of BioGeometry shapes and tools across all areas of the home, depending on the level of service provided. The clear plexi-glass BioGeometry shapes and tools are small in size and are designed to fit seamlessly within any living space and home design, and do not require any maintenance. The on-site energy-quality measurements are conducted using a proprietary system of pendular BioGeometry measurement tools and techniques that are based on scientific micro-vibratory harmonics principles, specific geometric configurations and antenna theories, and are used as structured harmonic biofeedback instruments to guide the installation of the BioGeometry solutions. This energy-quality measurement system is very different from any other modalities that use pendulums for mental dowsing or divination.

BioGeometry environmental home solutions are offered directly by the official BioGeometry Projects Team, headed by BioGeometry founder Dr. Ibrahim Karim and BG-EHS Developer & Director Sayed Karim, as well as through a growing international network of licensed independent BG-EHS Practitioners & Associate-Practitioners.
BG-EHS Practitioners & Associate-Practitioners are the only persons trained and licensed, with access to official BioGeometry tools and methodologies, as well as technical support and continuing education, to offer BG-EHS services for existing residential homes, as independent licensees / business persons. 

I am  an Independent Licensed BioGeometry Home Associate-Practitioner.

BG-EHS Associate-Practitioners are licensed to provide the Introductory Consultation and Essential levels.  

BG-EHS Introductory Consultations may be arranged to implement partial BG-EHS applications from the Essential level, and generally focus on specific living areas in the home.  

BG-EHS Essential is the first full level of BG-EHS service, and is based primarily on a centralized BG3 Centers Solution application to provide environmental energy-quality balance for the entire home.   A layer of supporting specific solutions is also applied across the main environmental areas of electromagnetic radiation, building materials, geopathic stress (Earth radiation), structure / design elements, and water vitality enhancement. 

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